This letter was written in pencil on a page from the same notebook in which Louie wrote her diaries. It appears unfinished (perhaps "Lu" woke up?) and I assume that Louie wrote out and completed a fair copy that she sent.

Hotel Aberdeen
New York City

Dear Mum & Dad,

Here we are at last. It is nearly four weeks since we left San Francisco. We bought a Dodge car over there and motored across nearly 3,500 miles - on the Great Lincoln Highway which we had heard so much about in California. We had a small tent which we put up at night to sleep under & we had John with us to do the cooking. We arrived here last night & I shall be very glad when we are on our way to good old C.T. - the price of everything here is absolutely awful. I am writing on this paper as I do not want to go down to the writing room because Lu is asleep & I do not like to leave her. We are all very fit and brown as berries.

I was very glad to get your letter this morning dated 20 April with a snap of my little Dossie & am so glad to hear she is keeping well.

Poor Eric was very worried over this Capt. Pederson (late master Puako) case. He was called up and had to appear in court once although of course he knows nothing about it. And then we found out they were after him again to appear in Court in New York so we left Frisco suddenly before they found him.

Lu & I wandered out this morning & did some shopping but money goes nowhere here. I never thought things could be so expensive. I will never call anything expensive in good old C.T. again. I though I should go back home with all sorts of new things from here but I guess I shall just go back in the same old things I came in.





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