First and foremost thanks must go to my cousin Jack Pearson for providing the webspace and his own unique technology for easy building of web-sites. To find out more on that subject visit his site at . Jack has also turned up a couple of very useful leads in the quest for more information and material on Puako and Forget-Me-Not and has provided boundless support and enthusiasm. Without him this site would not exist in it's present form, and may never have made it at all...

My two sisters have also given generously of their time and effort. Pam Stafford, who seems to have become rather a curator of old family photographs, scanned and provided me with many of the pictures you see on this site. Marian Shaw researched and wrote the Zachariah Charles Pearson Fact file and also gave me the pictures of him and a lot of background information and her support has encouraged me to keep on with putting this site together. Also her husband, my brother-in-law Derek Shaw, must have spent many hours unravelling and constructing the intricacies of the Family Tree, a task I was finding so daunting that I never quite got round to starting....

Many thanks also to other members of my family including, but not limited to my aunt Phyllis Hodkin (nee Pearson) my uncle Arthur Pearson who both read my initial attempts at the Eric and Louie story and put me straight on quite a number of factual errors, helped me sort out the chronology of events, and provided additional facts and helpful comments - I hope I've nearly got it right now Phyll?! Pam Pearson years ago gave me some of the old newspaper clippings, and cousins Sally and Guy Gisbourne gave logistical support. Also, and very importantly, cousins Merja, Taina, and Penny Pearson, who may not realise it, but it was their enthusiasm for the project at a certain wedding reception in France gave me the kick-start I needed to turn this from an idle concept to a reality - so it's all your fault really...!

Beyond the family there are a number of individuals and organisations that have provided a wealth of information and pictures. My thanks to those whose names appear below (listed in a fairly random order!) and my apologies to any I might have missed - please let me know.... :

Walt Bulski, whose grandfather Capt. Helms succeeded Eric as Master of Puako and provided accommodation for Eric and Louie at his home in Oakland in May 1919. Walt has contributed information and pictures and it has been interesting to be exchanging messages with someone I never met in California whose grandparents knew mine... Walt, in turn, led us to:

Kay Gibson, an author in Maine who has extensively researched the ill-starred voyage of Puako under command of Hellfire Pedersen and Pedersen's subsequent trial. Kay has generously shared a great deal of minutiae about Pedersen, Puako, and the circumstances of Eric's appointment as Master of Puako before her book is even published and her knowledge and insights are very much appreciated. Her forthcoming book "Brutality on Trial: Hellfire Pedersen, Fighting Hansen, and the Seaman's Act of 1915", will be published by University Press of Florida around August 2006. News: Copies of "Brutality on Trial" may now be ordered through the Owl & Turtle bookstore in Camden, Maine (email: If you'd like a copy signed or inscribed by Kay please order with that request before 1st August as she and her husband will be heading off for sunnier climes on their boat after that date. More details of the book can also be found at - look under Authors: E.Kay Gibson.  Nautical and/or Civil War buffs may be interested to know that Kay and her husband have been responsible for eight previous books - details at

Peter du Toit, of the John H. Marsh Maritime Research Centre in Cape Town ( found us the article about the demise of Forget Me Not and also the pictures of her as a snoeker, and has proved to be a very helpful and friendly contact.

Kathy Drake, formerly of the National Library of South Africa ( went to considerable trouble to find me a number of references to Forget Me Not and SS Battenhall and sent me copies of extracts and lists. My thanks to her.

I would also like to thank the Cape Argus newspaper and Flotsam and Jetsam (the official publication of the South African section of the World Ship Society) for the articles about Forget Me Not and Hellfire "Jack" Pedersen reproduced on this site.

And to everyone else who has offered help and encouragement, many many thanks.

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